Photography is an art, a science, and a skill (one that I personally adore, but struggle to master).  Here be a little history on this art-science-skill fest we call photography. 

First Photograph 

first photographJoseph Niepce is credited with creating the first photograph in 1826.  The photograph is a view from his window in France, captured with only an eight hour exposure time.

First Human

first humanIn 1838, “Boulevard du Temple” was taken by Louis Daguerre photographed this man getting his boots polished in Paris (see him? do ya?? you sure???).  This was our first ever human captured by photo.

First Selfie


Behold the first ever selfie courtesy of Dutch chemist, Robert Cornelius in 1839.  Prof pic status.

First Color Photo


1861 brought us the first ever color photograph by James Clerk Maxwell.  A Tartan ribbon was photographed three times and then projected onto a screen with a colored filter used in the photo taking process.

Sequence Photographs 

sequenceUsing sixteen cameras in a line, Eadweard Muybridge created the first animated sequence in 1872.

First Digital Photograph


The first ever digital image was a scan of Russell Kirsch’s three-month-old son in 1957.

First image on the Internet


Behold: Les Horribles Cernettes.  This all-female pop group were the first lucky ladies to grace the inter-web in 1992.

and my personal favorite contribution to the world of photography…

cuteI die.

Now in my dreamworld I own a Canon DSLR camera,

camera (**sigh**)

but for now I rely heavily on IPhone for capturing images – I highly recommend investing in some extra lenses to play around with.  It adds some variety to a camera with very few options


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